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  • SwitchLab has been engaged in offer with the most and the best products related to industrial wiring and mechatronic components since they established in 1988. The application territories include mechatronics system, lighting equipment, shipbuilding Industry, railway system, telecommunication equipment, manufacturing automation modularization, and various CNC systems. In terms of building up the brand and distribution service platform, SwitchLab affords with the superior products and services as the highest performance-to-price ratio for every customers.

    The positioning strategies for industry market focus on added-on value of products and professional service

    SwitchLab is engaged in developing the alternative solutions industrial wiring and mechatronic components so as to meet the requirements around all the customers. Since users always select their desired vendors through the assessment of product and service quality, hence the influence of product and service quality definitely dominates over the product pricing. The value realization mainly was put on various aspects including product design and innovativeness, technical supports, and product training, after-sales service, quality commitments, just-in-time delivery and the most important partnership.

    The added-on value to meet the customer requirements just in time.

    The core capabilities in SwitchLab rely on not only on the professional services andindustrial resources in industrial grade of mechatronic components, but also on the expertise mining for the customer requirements. Therefore, the dynamic capabilities of technological innovation and differentiation of new products development is the key to successful competition in the market. In addition to the core capabilities for SwitchLab’s long term sustainability, we insist on the total valuable creation in all respects. In short term the value-creation activities allow SwichLab to successively invest and expand in product line, sales landscape, manufacturing capacities, and alliance partnership while bringing our market channels unlimited benefits.

    Total value proposition

    SwitchLab believes in total value creation. The value proposition is to meet various customer’s requirements around different market segmentations. To create the value for the insiders partnership around the whole channel network is to allow all the customers to access to the added-value services in local agents and some relevant system integrators, to create the real product competitive advantages and grasp the core technology capabilities so as to attain the persistent product developments and desired enterprise missions.
    SwitchLab’s vision is to pursue the leading-edge position within the relevant industry and to become a known mechatronic-integrated vendor in the world. Therefore, most of the efforts have been devoted to different vertical segmentation of market demands, especially in accumulating the patents as the working indicators. The increasing amount of annual patent publications and awards certification is SwitchLab’s product value propositions.

    SwitchLab’s value chain

    SwitchLab assures that the realization of creating new values is to respond the situation in market end and customer end in addition to the product technologies. How to transform the innovative outcome of product technology into the promising value in the market end and customer end depends on the activity process of fulfilling the customer value which is called SwitchLab’s value chain.
    SwitchLab’s value chain allows us to catch on customer’s requirements, to highlight the preference of customer demands, the fastest response of developing product within the market. Besides, customers also enjoy the convenience and cost efficiency to purchase their desirable products through the agent network as well as require the professional technical consultation and real-time after- sales services.
    SwitchLab insists on playing the important role of global enterprise citizen while meeting customer requirements and pursuing the firm growth, making the energy-saving products with greenhouse compliances, and feedback to the society in proper timing to construct the enterprise missions and values.

    The most complete product line of industrial mechatronic components

    SwitchLab is a mechatronic component provider specific to all the industrial grade users and bring you the desired solutions. Every product line in SwitchLab proceeds to design, manufacture and test in high standard so as to assure the normal operability under any severe industrial environment.
    • Industrial terminal blocks including European type, Japanese type and Din rail series of terminal blocks.
    • Industrial switches includingΦ22A20 series of controlled devices, Φ16ADX series of controlled devices, limit switches and cam switches.
    • I/O communication modules and various interface converters.

    switchesterminal blocksswitchesswitches

    Market applications

    The product applications of SwitchLab can be adopted in many areas including mechantronic systems, lighting equipment, shipbuilding industry, railway system, telecommunication system, manufacturing automation modularization, and various CNC systems. In addition to providing with compact products for different territories, we also offer with the professional consultation services and welcome to take desired enquiry if necessary.
    switchesterminal blocksswitchesswitches

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