• These products are highly used in communication equipment.
    • These products are highly used in various machine tool applications.
    • These products are highly used in Railway Systems.
    • These products are highly used in electromechanical systems.
    • These products are highly used in automation.
    • DECA SwitchLab Inc. offers world-class electrical distribution and Electromechanical Systems.
  • Pluggable PCB Connector Connector Male Connector General-purpose Enclosed Switch PCB Connector D16 Pushbutton Switches Connector PCB Spring Terminal Block T25 Barrier Terminal Blocks PCB terminal block PCB Spring Type Terminal Block T30M Barrier Terminal Blocks T34 Barrier Terminal Blocks TA7 Barrier Terminal Blocks T24 Barrier Terminal Blocks C1S01 Compact Pushbutton SLZ Microload Switch Spring Clamp Ground Terminal Blocks Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks C1S01 Compact Pushbutton 2-Circuit limit switches C1S01 Compact Pushbutton P16 Pushbutton Switches General-purpose Enclosed Switch D16 Pushbutton Switches Illuminated Pushbutton Switches High Utility Enclosed Switch A20 Pushbutton Switches Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks Mushroom Pushbutton Switches TS Safety Meter FA / FB Float Level Switch
  • safety certification

    Safety Certification

    DECA SwitchLab always keeps the best and stable quality to meet the requirement of global cerification e.g. ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009, Safety approvals of UL, VDE, TUV & CCC etc.

  • quality control

    Quality Control

    DECA SwitchLab pay much attention to "Quality Assurance". The company has full-integrated professional equipments and all the production processes are under the control of the DECA teamwork, including injection, stamping, assembly and fabrication etc..

  • production efficiency

    Production Efficiency

    Over 20 years of experience in the precision mold of plastic injection, metal stamping, mass production and related process capability has become the unique competition advantage for DECA on the industry of the electric machinery.

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