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  • Model Appearance Pole No. Connector Rated Current Rated Voltage Details
    MOD-9-M MOD-25-M 9P Male MORE
    MOD-15-M MOD-25-M 15P Male MORE
    MOD-25-M MOD-25-M 25P Male MORE
    MOD-37-M MOD-25-M 37P Male MORE
    MOD-50-M MOD-25-M 50P Male MORE
    MOD-9-F MOD-25-F 9P Female MORE
    MOD-15-F MOD-25-F 15P Female MORE
    MOD-25-F MOD-25-F 25P Female MORE
    MOD-37-F MOD-25-F 37P Female MORE
    MOD-50-F MOD-25-F 50P Female MORE
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