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    We pursue market leadership position in supplying products and solutions including illuminated pushbutton, special pushbutton, terminal block related products in the field of electrical distribution, industrial automation and control to the worldwide market. To make long stay of core base in Taiwan, proceed in expanding in Mainland China and foresee the future around the world is SwitchLab’s operation objective. In addition to continuously create the sales growth, SwitchLab holds a sustainable dominance in technological innovation and quality stability among the Asia competitors annually.

    Based on the social and environmental responsibility, we insist on the quality operation beliefs including paramount quality, superior product, and service satisfaction. And during the process to pursue permanent operation, we take into account the both the environmental and safety health management as the key of operation strategy through the aggressive mentality, totally and systematically promoting and auditing the environmental and safety health management activities.

    To carry out the requirements of ISO 14001 the environmental management system and OHSAS 18001. We make a commitment in compliance with the following :

    1. Compliant with the relevant laws and other requirements.
    2. Pollution, injury, and disease prevention.
    3. Continuous improvement.
    4. Total participation.
    5. Carry out the environmental, safety and health management.

  • SwitchLab’s statements about Environmental, Safety & Health policies are shown as follow:
    ◎ Compliant with the relevant laws and other requirements:all the activities, products, facilities, and services would be in compliant with the appropriate OHSAS legislation and follow any other obligation.
    • Continuous improvement:we are engaged in improving the process improvement, infrastructure, and clean production.
    • Pollution, injury, and disease prevention:dedicated in green design, usage of green materials, and clean production to attain the pollution prevention. Besides, executed the garbage categorization and recycling as well as reuse of waste to reduce the impact on environment and focus on the employee’s safety and health in operating environments.
    • Total participation:allow every employee to properly involve the business and create a safer health and environmental working spot.
    • Carry out the environmental, safety and health management:By way of environmental impact assessment, jeopardy identification, risk management, professional training, operation control, emergent reaction preparation and practice, we can exactly get rid of the waste gas, waste solution, and other waste pollution and impede any industrial safety and environmental issue or accident.

    The above statements illuminated by SwitchLab will be continuously declared and announced to all the employees or representatives recruited and propagate to the public.

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