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    General-purpose Limit Switch

    Miniature Limit Switch
    Wide Range of Two-circuit Switches
  • Industrial Switches >> Limit Switch Series

  • limit switches
    • * With high repeat accuracy a wide range of variations in contact form
    • * Suitable for applications demanding high mechanical strength
    • * Compact new design for terminal utility structure enables the terminal section to be fully opened for easy wiring
    • * Compact limit switch with thin and highly sealed design, multiple mounting possible with switches with plungers
    • * Snap-action contact with certified direct opening operation certification
    • * Multi-contact, labor-saving, applicable to both standard loads and microloads
  • SLZ Microload Switches

    • Various basic models for Microload Switch
    • A wide variety of actuator for selection
    • Electric shock protection class
    • A large switching capacity of 15A with high repeat accuracy.
    • A wide range of operating speed is available

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    SLZC Compact Enclosed Switches

    • High-precision and Miniature Enclosed Switch with Built-in Switches for Strong Durability of 10 Million Operations minimum and High -Repetition
    • Same mounting pitch as SLZ Basic Switch
    • Requires less operating force (OF) than general limit switches
    • Approved by EN(TUV),UL,CSA,CCC

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    SL4MC High Utility Enclosed Switches

    • Enclosed Switches with Built-in Basic Switches for High Repeatability and Durability of 10 Million Operations Minimum
    • Panel mount versions have the same operating position as SLZ type of switch
    • Suitable for applications demanding higher mechanical strength, dustproof and drip-proof properties than those on basic switches. Resin molded termianal versions are available
    • Approved by EN(TUV),UL,CSA,CCC

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    SLZE General-purpose Enclosed Switches

    • SLZE Enclosed Switches with High Breaking Capacity and High Durability. SLZ general purpose basis switches are built into SLZE switches
    • Two mount methods include side and diagonal side
    • Terminals face the front when the cover is removed for easy connection
    • Approved by EN(TUV),UL,CSA,CCC

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    SL4E Miniature Sealed Switches

    • Improved the flat springs and lever ratio of the bulit-in switch to ensure one longer life expectancy
    • Protection cover increased the function of dust-proof and waterproof
    • New connector styles decreased the maintenance labors for wiring
    • Approved by EN, UL, CSA, and CCC

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    SL4V Miniature Enclosed Limit Switches

    • Approximately 1/3 the size of typical vertical limit switches
    • Opened Structures to terminal section could be wiring easily
    • RoHS Complaint
    • Degree of protection : IP65

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    SL4C Enclosed Limit Switches

    • Strengthen the head seal structure to increase seal properties
    • Wide ambient operating temperature range: -40 ~+80℃
    • Approved by UL, CSA, CCC, EN(TUV)
    • NC contacts direct opening mechanism added (able to open contacts when faults occur)

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    SL51 Two-Circuit Limit Switches

    • Wide Range of 2-conduit Switches, Select one for the operating environment and application
    • A wide selection of models are available, including the overtravel models with greater OT,
    • indicator-equipped models for checking operation, low-temperature models, heat-resistant
    • models, and corrosion-proof models
    • Approved by UL, CSA, CCC

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    SLMD Miniature Metal Switches

    • Easily adjustable in 3 planes of switch head
    • Includes one integral connectors or replaces to other connector solution
    • Various contacts became one integral part of switch head to the SLMD series
    • 1/4 return is only required if remove the connection component of SLMD series
    • In relation to switch body all the switch heads could be adjusted in 15° steps throughout 360°
    • Including snap action and slow break contacts, with positive opening operations and interchangeable connection component

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    SLKP Vertical Compact Switches

    Enclosed Switch
    • Easily adjustable in 3 planes of switch head
    • Interchanging of switch heads succeeded by easy operation of forked metal latch
    • The cable entry for SLKP swtiches enable simple cabling due to unrestricted access to contacts
    • In relation to switch body all the switch heads could be adjusted in 15° steps throughout 360°
    • Including snap action and slow break contacts, with positive opening operations and interchangeable connection component

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