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  • FA/FB Cable Float Level Switch

    FAC, FAP, FAR Type float switch make use of micro switch as contact component. The switch will have ON or OFF contact signal output when the angle is larger than 28 Degree FAS Type float switch make use of mercury switch as contact component. When liquid lift up to contact float, the float will have variable angles. The switch will have ON or OFF contact signal output when the angle is larger than 10 Degree.

    • ◎ Rugged float IP68 enclosure rating
    • ◎ Neoprenespecified cable, silicon cable selectable
    • ◎ Construct simple, maintance free, installation easy

    FC/FD Mini Float Level Switch

    When the magnetic field of permanent magnet inside the float is moved into to the proximity of the reed switch inside the stationary stem, the reed switch "snaps" the contact together and closes the electrical circuit. When the magnetic field is moved away from the reed switch, the reed switch does not touch. The circuit is open.

    • ◎ Compact simple design and principle, high reliability, low price
    • ◎ Over 30 kinds of materials & specifications are optional
    • ◎ PP, PVDF, NYLON, POLYSULFONE materials are suitable for corrosive environment
    • ◎ SUS304 / 316; Max. operating temperature 200°C; Max. operating pressure 60kg/cm²
    • ◎ Side-Mounting, Top-Mounting, Bottom-Mounting
    • ◎ Mounting screw type have M8 ~ M16, 1/8"~1/2"PF / PT / BSP and etc
    • ◎ The materials of lead wire and cable are PVC, XLPE and PTFE. ses the electrical circ
    • ◎ Mini Float Level Switch has obtained UL approved.
    • ◎ OEM / ODM and special specification are acceptable
    • ◎ Since technologies of the product have more and more advance, the products need comply with a requirement for more safe, convenient and low cost. The float switches are extremely compact, simple and are easy to install on any small space.
    • ◎ These switches are not effected by electrical interference. They can withstand to chemicals, high temperatures and pressures if the correct material of float switch is selected by the customers.

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